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The best of Folk Songs by Dizi (Chinese Flute). Offline audio with Ringtone.

About Folk Songs by Dizi/笛子 (Chinese Flute)

Enjoy the best collection of Folk Songs cover by Dizi (Chinese Flute) in quality offline audio with Ringtone feature. This app consists of the most popular folk songs cover by Dizi music. Install and enjoy the best of Folk Songs covered by Dizi (Bamboo Flute) music in your Android Gadget.

The dizi (Chinese: 笛子; pinyin: dízi, pronounced [tǐt͡sɨ]), is a Chinese transverse flute. It is also sometimes known as the di (笛) or héngdi (橫笛), and has varieties including the qǔdi (曲笛) and bāngdi (梆笛).

The dizi is a major Chinese musical instrument, and is widely used in many genres of Chinese folk music, as well as Chinese opera, and the modern Chinese orchestra. Traditionally, the dizi has also been popular among the Chinese common people, and it is simple to make and easy to carry.

Folk song has been defined in several ways: as song/music transmitted orally, song/music with unknown composers, or song/music performed by custom over a long period of time. It has been contrasted with commercial and classical styles.

Key Features of Folk Songs by Dizi (Chinese Flute)

All Folk Songs by Dizi (Chinese Flute) are presented in offline audio which allow user to listen anywhere and anytime without internet connection. Also no need to stream each time which a significant saving for your mobile data quota.

Ringtone feature allows user to set the Dizi music to be Ringtone, Notification, or Alarm in our Android gadget freely.

Play, pause, and slider bar features allow user to have fully control when listening the Folk Songs by Dizi (Chinese Flute).

We only use common creative (CC) and Public Domain contents in this app. If you find otherwise, please contact us so we can remove the content. Thx.

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