Match the similar tokens to clear the playing field.

Football (aka Soccer) is the most popular of sports worldwide, and in the entire world of football, only eight nations have ever held the title of World Champions. But only six of those champions have been able to win the trophy at least twice, and this humble game celebrates those six great champions.

In this game you need to clear the playing field, that is filled with tokens representing the nations that have held the title of World Champions. The flags of Brazil, Germany, Italy, Argentina, France and Uruguay will come back to the football ground to celebrate their glory, in the form of tokens, and when two or more of those tokens are in contact, you can touch them to clear them from the playing field.

In football, a match starts with 22 players on the field, and in this game you will start with 22 lives, each time that you clear an isolated token, you will lose one of those lives, so be careful.

That's it, just clear the tokens, empty the playing field, and have fun!

Note: Yes, both England and Spain have held the title of World Champions as well, but only once each. We will celebrate their glory in another game.
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