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dance is rhythmic exercise is done in place and a certain time for the purposes of the association, reveal feelings, intentions, and thoughts. Sounds is music dancer dance accompanist regulate movement and strengthen the intent that would convey. Not the same dance movements from everyday movements such as running, road, or exercising. Movement in dance is not realistic motion, but the motion has been given the form of expressive and aesthetic. A dance is actually a combination of a portion of fruit elements, namely wiraga (raga), Wirama (rhythm), and wirasa (taste). These three elements are fused so harmonious dance form. The most important element in dance is movement. Dance movement always involves an element of human limbs. Elements of members of the board in making dance movement can stand by itself, assemble and continuous.
By type, the dance is classified into folk dance, classical dance, and dance new creations. Dance is a dance origins of Western culture that made the couple man and woman holding hands or cuddling with while accompanied by music.

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