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Forever Friends Stickers APK

Say it with Forever Friends Stickers, the home of the hug!

Version1.8 (10)
UpdatedNov 01, 2017 (4 years ago)
DeveloperNeon Play
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Say it with Forever Friends Stickers, the home of the hug!

THE #1 STICKER APP with over 90 different Bear stickers to choose from.

*Bear with a glass of fizz
*Bear popping bubbly
*Bear celebrating with friends
*Bear wearing a party hat
*Bear with a big flower
*Bear jumping for joy
*Bear wants a hug
*Bashful Bear!
*Bear holding a star
*Bear and Duck hugging
*Friends take a selfie
*Bear hugging a giant love heart
*Injured Bear
*Rocket Bear
*Bear with a hot water bottle
*Bear with a bottle of TLC
*Bear goes shopping
*Bubble bath Bear
*Bear in bed
*Bear has presents
*Bear is in a giant mug
*Bear wears a scarf
*Bear in a onesie
*Bear popping bubbly with a friend
*Bear has party balloons
*Bear with a bunch of beautiful flowers
*Cartwheeling Bear
*Shy Bear
*Bear is ready to cuddle
*Roly-poly Bear
*Bear’s best friend
*Bear holding a happy sun
*Bear peeking out of a bag with flowers
*Bear has got some lovely roses
*Bear with a megaphone
*Bear climbing on a chair
*Bear on the phone
*Bear holding the world
*Bear hiding a giant present
*Bear with a big hugs sign
*Two Bears with 'BFF'
*Bear with 'call me'
*Two Bears with 'congratulations'
*Bear with 'Hi!'
*Bear with giant love you heart
*Bear with 'miss you'
*Bear with 'night, night'
*Bear with 'please'
*Two Bears taking a selfie with 'besties'
*Bear with 'sorry'
*Bear with a thanks sign
*Bear with yay banner
*Bear with a present saying happy birthday
*Bear with balloons saying happy birthday
*Bear hugging a Union Jack heart
*Queen Bear
*Bear dressed as the Queen's Guard

*Two cupid Bears with a giant heart
*Cupid Bear shooting an arrow of love
*Two bears cuddling
*A Bear and his love heart balloon
*Bear giving a rose to his love
*Bears cuddling on the sofa
*Two Bears holding a giant heart
*Two Bears touching noses
*Bear hugging a soft pink heart
*Two Bears hugging under an umbrella
*Cheeky Bear gives a kiss on the cheek
*Bear with a little red heart
*Bear in a bag full of hearts
*Bear with a rose
*Bear holding lots of hearts
*Bear and his favourite love heart blanket
*Bear holding a rose in his mouth
*Bear cuddling a love heart
*Bear has a rose for you

*Bear opening a Mother's Day card
*Three Bears holding the letters M U M
*Young bear trying on Mum's shoes
*Two Bears relaxing at the spa
•Two Bears chatting over a cup of tea

*Bear wearing bunny ears
*Two Bears with Easter eggs
*Bear with a big Easter egg
*Bear inside a chocolate egg
*Bear with a big Easter cupcake
*Bear's got lots of chocolate eggs for you
*Bear and Chick eating chocolate eggs
*Bashful Bear wearing bunny ears
*Bear's got hot cross buns!
*Bear smelling a daffodil
*Bear peeking out with bunny ears on
*Two Bears with chocolate eggs and butterflies

*Daddy Bear and little Bear go fishing
*Daddy Bear mows the lawn
*Daddy Bear with his 'Dad' mug
*Daddy Bear with his tool belt
*Daddy Bear cooking sausages on the BBQ
*Daddy Bear and little Bear hugging

*Bear with a scary pumpkin
*Bear carving a pumpkin
*Bear is ready for trick or treat
*Bear flying on a broomstick
*Bear playing with his cat
*Bear hugging his cat
*Bear has baked Halloween cookies
*Cat sleeping on a pumpkin
*Bear with a pumpkin on his head
*Bear with a bag of treats
*Bear in a skeleton costume
*Bear in a pumpkin costume

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