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Latest Version

NameFox Calculator App APK
Version1.4 (5)
UpdatedJan 02, 2020
DeveloperAthena Up S.A.
CategoryApps, Maps & Navigation

Fox Drive App App

Fox Drive App was born as a navigator for escorting services.

App Description:

More cars synchronize and move simultaneously from a starting point to a destination point. Each car will show the rest of the team its position on the map, and via the "Team" button you will be able to see the distance in km between car "A" and "B" or from other cars.
When a car that is in front of the others in the common route, pushes the "Danger" button, the application will find a new route for the other cars without going through the marked point. This can be useful if the first car has been in a dangerous spot and does not want the second car to pass through the same point. Automatically, all the other cars will be moved to an alternative route. To understand the extent of the danger, visual warnings can be placed on the map, such as the fire symbol so that all synchronized cars can see this warning to understand what is happening at that point.
Each user can also enter how much gasoline he has available so that the other members of the group can schedule a stop.

Account Types:

Team leader: it is he who inserts the route to be made or who decides who can synchronize to the route by showing his qr code to the other cars. It will be displayed on the map as "A" cars and is normally the one who goes to ahead and opens the route. The Team Leader can also choose not to participate in the navigation, but in this way he will be able to see the navigation of his team, while the team will not be able to see his position.

Team: Choosing the team account, you can use the app only by scanning the qr code of the team leader, and only after the team has started browsing, you can see the route and position of the other members. The car "B" will be the first to have scanned the code, the car "C" the second and so on.


To avoid unauthorized access to other people using your phone, once the application is installed you will need to enter a numeric password to access the application (example tax 7777) and a password to delete all the saved data (example 5555). Once you have chosen the password, a calculator will open, enter the number (7777) and press the "=" button to access the navigation app.
if instead you enter 5555 and push the "=" button then the app will delete all that is saved in the account, such as all routes saved.
The Team Leader will have to contact FoxDrive to request the enabling of the account.
You can contact us by email, or encrypted applications like Telegram or Whatsapp to request the enabling password. Once enabled, the team leader will be able to enter the route, save it or create a route via multiple points or via the drive and save (the app will record the route while driving).
All team members will be able to synchronize with the Team Leader without needing to enable the account just by scanning the qr code that the team leader will show to the team.

Possible uses:

- Escorting: the team, while bringing an important person from one point to another, can use it and change course if a danger is detected on the course.

- Weddings: more cars must reach a restaurant far away and in this way no member of the group will be lost.

- Family location function: for example, a father will be able to synchronize the daughter's phone that is traveling with friends to be more relaxed, in order to be able to control the position of the daughter during the journey.

- Other Various uses that can be done with the location of the cars, change of route of the machines or with the insertion of warnings during the journey.


Our servers are located in Asian countries, where it is more complicated for hackers or institutions to access information. We remind you that once the app is used, it will be sufficient to enter the deletion password to delete all the saved data.
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