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Dernière version

NomAka Countdown APK
Version1.0.4 (5)
Mise à jour22 nov. 2021
DéveloppeurNIVEN Studio
Installations10 000+
CatégoriesApps, Lifestyle

Application Aka Countdown

Aka Countdown est un outil pour vous aider à mémoriser les jours importants de votre vie.

Aka Countdown is a tool to help you memorize important days in your life.
The simple UI design, cute Emojis and colorful backgrounds allow you to record your special days in your way .
✨ Widgets ✨
Choose a small or a large size widget to display a countdown card on your home screen, which can be perfectly integrated with various styles of desktop.
🌝 Days Left 🌝
Is today Friday?
How many days are left for summer vacation?
When is mom’s birthday?
🌗 Days Count 🌗
How long does it take to finish a bag of cat food?
How long has the diet started?
How long has it been since our first date?
🌓 Progress 🌓
How many days have passed this year? How many days are left?
🌚 Age 🌚
How many days have I been on the earth?
[ Emoji & Backgrounds ]
Decorate your small size cards with thousands of emojis, including:
🥳 Smileys & People
🍧 Food & Drink
🎄 Animals & Nature
🚢 Travel & Places
🏄‍♀️ Activity & Sports
🩺 Objects
Make your large size cards in different styles with exquisite background images.
[ Pro Features ]s
🚫 Remove Ads
🤹‍♀️ Unlimited Cards ( 6 cards for free )
👑 Unlock all the Emojis and backgrounds
⏰ Free access to new features
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