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20 sept. 2022
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Amul Milk DMS - Mobile applica APP

- App developed for android users.
- Mobile app size 1.25 MB. It can be installed using following link. It will be uploaded on google play store after sometime.
- User name = AMDS SAP Code of 7 digit – numeric. Default Password = “user”. MOM has to provide list of AMDss to HO/ISD in prescribed excel format for one time activation.
- User can change password in the mobile app using path Menu -> Change Password
- Mob app has two options for AMDs for placing SKU-wise orders. 1 AMDs level 2 Retailer level. As maintained by MMO in the portal.
- Menu –> Add favourite -> All SKUs of MMO will be displayed with AMDs price per crate. User / AMDs has to select products for which he wants to place order. Product sequence is as maintained in SAP by MMO. Short description of products are maintained on portal by MMO.
- Menu –> Profile -> AMDs name, Available credit limit balance & Crate balance as per SAP. The app is linked with SAP real time. It shows latest updated SAP balances. “Check Balance” button can be used to refresh balances.
- Menu -> Assigned Vehicle -> List of vehicles assigned to AMDs in SAP are displayed. MMO has to maintain AMDs-wise vehicle data (registration number) on portal. Direct integration with SAP is under progress. WD has to press refresh button to get latest vehicle master data.
- Menu – Signout – No need to signout from the app by AMDs. Data stored in mobile app will be deleted if signedout by user. So it should be avoided.
- For placing order at AMDs level :-
- Select “Order” button available on the screen to create order template (AM or PM)
- All favourite products will appear on the screen. Enter SKU-wise order quantity in crates and save the data.
- More than one order templates can be created for placing order. Order templates will be deleted when mob app is signed out by the user.
- Select “Review” to place the order. All saved templates will be available for placing the order. Quantity can be changed and new SKU can also be added in the template by using “Edit” option. Total order value is displayed on the screen.
- Click on “Place order” & select Vehicle number to place the final order with MMO.
- Same template can be used for placing order everyday.
- AM order is always considered for the next day and PM order is always considered for the current day.
- Internet connectivity is required while placing the order. Warning message will be displayed on the screen if order value is more than available credit limit.
- For placing order at Retailer level :-
- Create new retailer in the mobile app. Assign channel similar to DMS.
- Place order at retailer level – SKU-wise Crate + No of pouch
- Previous day order can be copied & modified to avoid retailer-wise manual order entry every time
- SKU-wise summary, total of all retailers can be checked before final submission of order
- One AMDs can place one order for a day for any one vehicle. More than one order can be placed by selecting different vehicles.
- Menu -> Submitted Order List -> Successfully submitted order list will be displayed here. Drilldown option is available to check SKU-wise order details.
- Notification – under development
- Account ledger & Crate ledger – under development
- Multiple account in the same login – under development
- MMO-wise order time restriction – under development
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