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Dernière version

NomArmed APK
Version1.8.1 (102)
Mise à jour19 janv. 2022
DéveloppeurSYLEX SA
Installations100 000+
CatégoriesApps, Médecine

Application ArMed eHealth

App eHealth armée

Armed eHealth App is integrated with the National Centralized eHealth System of Armenia and aims to facilitate patient engagement to their healthcare services.
The current version of Armed eHealth App allows you to:
1. See your enrolled primary care physician,
2. Book appointments to your enrolled doctors with just a single click,
3. Make telemedicine video calls with selected doctors.
4. View COVID-19 vaccination certificate

Subsequent versions will come with new features allowing Armenian citizens to access their:
1. Electronic health records,
2. Care Plans,
3. Medical documents,
4. Lab tests and imaging results,
5. Prescribed medicine refill services (e-Prescribing),
6. Insurance and other financial information.
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