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Dernière version

NomAzure Diary APK
VersionV1.8.39 (39)
Mise à jour29 mars 2021
DéveloppeurFunMkr Team
CatégoriesApps, Productivité

Application Azure Diary

Journal Azure, beau via simple

Azure Diary, Show your true colors.
Regardless of age, start to record life with Azure Diary now, and treasure the seemingly ordinary bits and pieces.
The faint scenery, the deep affection, the sorrowful grief, the infamous daydream, everything is good, write it down.
What is left for the future will be an unparalleled wealth.

* Time scroll diary style, simple and pleasing to the eye
* Create your own diary cover, choose the picture you like
* The daily record is convenient and fast, you can record at hand, the operation method is super simple and easy to use
* Various query methods to quickly find past mobile diaries, notes, meeting records, etc.
* Each diary can be pieced together with a masterful nine-square grid illustration
* Support recording the current location, so that every travel footprint can be recorded in your travel diary
* One-click to create a picture, easy to share, support WeChat, Moments, QQ, Bluetooth, MMS and other sharing modes
* Count the number of words in the diary and the number of consecutive open days to help develop the habit of writing diaries
* Supports three font sizes: large, medium and small, to meet the needs of users of different ages
* Can open the password protection function to protect privacy
* Support account login
* Encourage us to be "friends" and enjoy some privileges (such as exemption from advertising)

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