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Dernière version

NomBrandM8 APK
Version2.7.1 (81)
Mise à jour08 nov. 2020
DéveloppeurCosmos 21 Plus Business Systems Division Pty Ltd
Installations10 000+
CatégoriesApps, Professionnel

Application BrandM8

BrandM8 est un système de liste de contrôle intelligent.

BrandM8 is an intelligent checklist system which allows your business to take all paper-based checklists and create digital checklists that may be centrally managed and deployed to registered users.

BrandM8 centrally manages all information relating to the checklists for detailed reporting and analysis. BrandM8 makes the management, capture and auditing of reviews easy and accurate.



* Simple and easy to use
* Multiple question types, including free-text, multiple choice, and date/time.
* Supports multiple locations, allowing users to complete the same checklist at different sites.
* Workflow for guided checklists, allowing different questions to be asked depending upon previous answers selected.



BrandM8 is ideally suited to Auditors conducting site visits and is not restricted to any particular market or segment.

* OH&S Checks
* HACCP Compliance
* Operational Procedures
* Staff Training
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