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Dernière version

NomBubble X Slice APK
Version1.0.4 (1)
Mise à jour24 janv. 2017
CatégoriesJeux, Arcade

Jeu Bubble X Slice

Free all the underwater creatures from their bubbles

Bubble X Slice is a fun game for all ages in which you use your fingertip to free sea creatures trapped inside bubbles. At the start Bubble X Slice is as simple as bursting all the bubbles that appear on the screen. But as you rack up points, bombs full of ink will also start to appear, and you'll have to avoid these to keep from losing lives.

You should also keep combinations in mind. If you make a combination of multiple cuts where you break three or more bubbles at the same time, you'll activate a special mode. This is far from easy, but the rewards are great, so it's definitely worth trying.

Bubble X Slice has two modes: One is with a time limit, where you have to free as many sea creatures from their bubbles as you can before time runs out. The other is a survival mode in which you have unlimited time to free as many creatures as you can without dying from the release of the ink bombs.

Bubble X Slice is a simple but very fun game with a super addictive gameplay.
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