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Charging play Assistant


Télécharger Charging play Assistant APK pour les Android - Gratuit - Dernière version

Dernière version

Nomcharging play Assistant APK
Version1.0 (1)
Mise à jour03 juin 2021
CatégoriesApps, Livres et références

Application Charging play Assistant

Different charging experience with charging play Assistant

A charging play animation software with shortcut command automation is used. When the mobile phone is connected to the data line or the wireless charging panel is placed, the charging play app will automatically start and turn on the charging animation display. When the data line is pulled out or removed from the wireless charging panel, the program will automatically exit, which is convenient and practical. the program will automatically calibrate the decimal data of charging percentage according to your charging play data, and automatically learn to calibrate so that the device can understand you better the software needs to cooperate with shortcut command automation to achieve a perfect experience. Please set it according to the configuration process. For low version system, please add boot to shortcut center, and then manually start charging animation
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