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Version1.1 (1)
Mise à jour09 juin 2021
DéveloppeurScorpians Tech.Inc
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Application Construction Estimator App

Calculate all the building estimate in feet & inhes units.

Construction calculator is used for the calculation of cement, sand and building plaster and bricks.
Now the following construction estimator-All building material estimator is an android application which will calculate your project material in a very accurate and easy way. It will calculate your material for two types of building the one is for large building and one for small house etc.

Main features of the construction calculator are:
-Bricks calculator: Bricks are very main and important material in the building of large height building and as well as in the walls of building a house. bricks calculator will tell you the estimated amout of the bricks you need to build the walls of any building.
-Tile calculator: Tiles calculator is also of the main calculating feature in which you will be provided the ammount of the tiles you will need in the floor.
-Wall Tiles estimator: The following wall tiles estimator will allow you to calculate the tiles for the wall.
-Floor tiles estimator: the floor tiles will give the tiles that will be required for the making of floor.
-Paint calculator: Paint will be calculated in which the amount of buckets needed for the paint.
-Slab steel calculator: This calculator is useful for Civil Engineer and Site Supervisor it is also used for the Civil Engineering Student as well as for the Construction Project Managers, Construction Store Manager, Construction Contractors.

The following application can work for the normal person who needs to do basic home calculations. You can calculate the plot area so it will be useful for Real estate agents as well.
Quantity Estimation App For Construction:
All construction calculator enables you to get an estimated count area to build a wall in your building .the following construction calculator gives an estimated amount of brick you need in your construction of house.
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