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Version1.0 (1)
Mise à jour17 avr. 2021
DéveloppeurFancy Solutions
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Application Correct Spelling & Pronunciation

Best app for pronunciation and spelling of an English language words

Correct Spelling and Pronunciation: Spell Checker is an application that helps the users that how to spell the words correctly and how to pronounce words correctly. “Correct Spelling app” helps those users who do not know the spelling or pronunciation of a word or sentence.
The Correct Spelling and Pronunciation will help you to improve your English language skill i.e. spelling and pronunciation of words.
The Correct Spelling and word Pronunciation is a light weight and having both the functionality of spelling check and pronunciation check. This app helps you to learn the actual pronunciation and spelling of words. Correct Spelling checker has also the features called Text of Speech and Speech to Text.
Correct Pronounciation also helps those who have hard time to remember spellings and don’t know how to pronounce word in English. By using Spelling checker speak a word or sentence in your Mic and see its correct spellings on your screen.
Correct Spelling App Completely guides you about English language pronunciation, how to pronounce words and Spell words in better way. Students can also use this to learn spellings and pronunciation of difficult words. This app also works for Spelling Master, Pronunciation and Spelling Checking.
Correct Spelling and Pronunciation is very useful app your kids. It helps your kids in learning English alphabets, spellings and pronunciation of different words.

Keys Features of Correct Spelling app:
Voice to Text and Text to Voice in one touch
Simple and Easy to Use
Covers all the English Language words
Spelling and Punctuation checker
Completely works offline
Copy the right word and paste it anywhere you want.

How to use this app to get correct spelling of a word:
Go to Correct Spelling Category for if you don’t know the spelling of a word or sentence.
Click the Mic button and speak a word or sentence.
Then this app will give you the correct spelling of that word or sentence.

How to use this app to pronounce a word:

Go to Pronunciation Category to know the correct pronunciation of word and sentence.
Write a word or sentence in text field.
Then Press the speaker button then this app will accurately pronounce your written words.
Download the Word Pronunciation and Correct Spelling to improve your speaking and writing skills with voice check.
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