Emolfi: power up any messenger with photo stickers APK

Emolfi: power up any messenger with photo stickers


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Dernière version

NomEmolfi Keyboard APK
Version0.5.9 (356)
Mise à jour28 sept. 2020
DéveloppeurLinerock Investments LTD
Installations100 000+
CatégoriesApps, Réseaux sociaux

Application Emolfi: power up any messenger with photo stickers

Fancy selfie stickers to use anywhere: WhatsApp, Messenger, Instagram & more

Power up your WhatsApp, Messenger, socials, and more!

Enrich the way you chat with Emolfi. Get yourself dozens of selfie-based emotional stickers to use in WhatsApp, Messenger, or any other chat app and social network. In addition to that, stickers are automatically combined with the text you type turning simple chatting into a fully visualized messaging.

Let's look into that in more detail, shall we?

** Selfie-based **
First of all, it uses your portrait picture (just one) to generate dozens of personalized stickers various in design and layout. So you get many sets of unique images with YOU on them.

** Feelings on **
Emolfi Keyboard's next goal is to help you convey both aspects of your message - words and how you feel about them. To turn the feelings on six AI-generated emotions are added automatically to your selfie making it more versatile.

** Works with all languages **
Keep it simple and just type anything in any language keyboard. Then leave the rest to Emolfi Keyboard. It'll take care of getting you a 2-in-1: balanced visualization of words and feelings packed in one sticker-message.

** Always at hand **
It's a keyboard extension, so once enabled it can be reached within any app you want, just like emojis. Messengers and chats, social networks, browsers - you can easily control the list of apps in the app's settings.

**Easy export to WhatsApp**
A cool bonus for WhatsApp fans - up to 30 stickers can be turned into a native sticker set we all love so much.

**Non-distraction technology**
Appears only where needed. For those who prefer tapping the globe to switch among keyboards Emolfi Keyboard only appears by default in messengers and social networks and will be silently skipped in any other application (like browsers, gmail, etc.). It can be changed in settings.

Now you know everything, we are looking forward to seeing how you would you say Hi! in your favorite messenger now!
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