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1 juil. 2020
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GFX TOOL 🔧 XDA free Battlegrounds APP

This is an indispensable program for every player in PUB battle royale mode. You can reduce image quality and play without freezing, or unlock options that cannot be accessed by your device and enjoy the perfect picture. You can customize shadows, texture quality, screen resolution, unlock the FPS boundary, and more.

Advance Settings
🔧 2K Resolution:Change the resolution as you want.
🔧 HDR Game Graphic:Make it possible to turn on the HDR graphics on low end devices.
🔧 Extreme FPS:Unlock Extreme FPS limit.
🔧 Anti-Aliasing:Support 4x MSAA makes the textures more smoother.
🔧 Styles:Choose your favorite color filter.
🔧 Shadows:Enable and disable shadows.
🔧 Rendering Quality:Select your own shaders/textures levels.
🔧 Light Effects:Change the light performance in game.
White List for Booster: Avoid killing unexpected apps

App features:
✅ Change resolution
✅ Unlock HDR graphics on low end devices
✅ Unlock the extreme FPS levels
✅ Change graphics style settings
✅ Enable or disable shadow
✅ Enable or disable Anti-aliasing or make it even better by X2, X4
✅ Enable or disable GPU optimization
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