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Dernière version

NomInk&Paper Trial APK
Version7.2.7 (187)
Mise à jour20 oct. 2021
DéveloppeurFrancesco Paolo Torre
Installations100 000+
CatégoriesApps, Productivité

Application Ink&Paper Trial

Prenez des notes manuscrites sur votre appareil et les organiser dans une bibliothèque.

A tutorial, where the most common features of the app are shown, is online at the following link:

With the release of the latest version the videos are a little bit out of date: at this link you will find a short manual that shows how to use the buttons in the new format:

• Write on your Android device like you would on a sheet of paper.

• Six customisable types of pens with the best digital inking features are available.

• Insert in the most natural way typed texts, images, geometrical shapes in your pages.

• Select and move, zoom, rotate, stretch any object using your fingers.

• Control undo and redo actions with the undo/redo bar.

• Overlay objects and manage their opacity using layers.

• Take full advantage of an active stylus by configuring the erase methods.

• Work with close up writing mode on small screen devices.

• Use gestures to select or delete objects while you are writing.

• Set the background of any page by the import of JPEG, PNG and PDF documents.

• Create new notepads from the most common document templates.

• Save and load customised sets of colours, pens, typewriters.

• Organise your notes into library folders. Cut, copy and paste notepads and pages.

• Backup and restore any section of the library in ZIP format.

This is a free trial version, which lacks PDF export feature. You can download the full paid version of the app at this link:
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