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Dernière version

Nomkyvol APK
Version3.4.2 (44)
Mise à jour16 oct. 2021
DéveloppeurMariana Trading Inc.
Installations50 000+
CatégoriesApps, Lifestyle

Application Kyvol

Partout, à tout moment, contrôlez votre maison intelligente Kyvol

How to use Kyvol app

Step 1. Download the app
Download the app from Appstore.

Step 2. Register your account:
After downloading the app, create an account with your Email address. If you already have a Kyvol account, you can log in directly.

Step 3. Add your devices to Kyvol app:
Open the Kyvol app and follow the setup procedure to pair new devices with your smartphone.

Step 4. Use your devices:
After the pairing the succeed, the new device will show up in the device list. You can simply tap the icon and start enjoying the Kyvol smart home experience.
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