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Dernière version

NomLoad Balls 3D APK
Version1.1.1 (111)
Mise à jour02 déc. 2021
DéveloppeurBough Studios
Installations100 000+
CatégoriesJeux, Jeux grand public

Jeu load balls 3D

C'est un jeu de puzzle.

Welcome to experience our puzzle game.
Just move your fingers on the screen, you can find different paths in the container, and then put the gray ball and the color ball together, so that the small ball in the container is unified into a color ball, and then send it to the big truck at the bottom.
It's easy, but challenging.
Try to use your own solution to find the best way to complete each level, so be creative.
At the same time, some levels may seem simple, but let's see if you can really win!
Creative and unique collection of color ball games.
Easy to understand.
Real physics.
Encourage logical thinking and creativity.
If you encounter difficulties, you can use the solution.
Are you ready for an incredible trip to the universe?
Now try this game.
Make sure you stay away from small bombs.
Get as many balls as possible to finish.
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