Worried your phone is lost or stolen? Find it using the Lost Phone Finder.


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24 juil. 2016

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Application Lost Phone Finder

Lost Phone Finder makes it quick and easy to locate your missing or stolen phone:
This application is an anti theft and anti lost solution. It locates your mobile phone within seconds via SMS.
Don't worry if your phone is not connected to internet. This app doesn't require internet connection.

• Find lost, stolen or missing mobile phone
* Detects SIM change and lock the phone
* Sends your phone location, lock code and IMEI number to your trusted friends numbers

A. (phone missing in home/office)

Send following messages from any mobile phone to your phone:
(xxxx = security)

1. Lock phone
lock-xxxx / Lock-xxxx

2. Buzz your silent phone with maximum sound and lock with security code
alarm-xxxx / Alarm-xxxx

3. Stop Buzzing your phone
stopalarm-xxxx / Stopalarm-xxxx
(You can also stop Alarm by unlocking phone and press STOP button).

4. Find phone location
location-xxxx OR Location-xxxx

B-(phone stolen)

1.This application detects SIM change and lock the phone automatically with the security code and sends you SMS from thief number with the following information:

a. Mobile phone IMEI
b. Current location of the phone
c. Security code

You can also use above mentioned codes to track phone resent location in case if your mobile phone is stolen

Note: To uninstall this app, first off the Mobile Security on Home Screen than try to uninstall it.

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