An accurate adaptation of 'Rainbow Six Siege' for Android


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4 avr. 2019

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Medal of King GAME

Medal of King is a third-person action game that's openly inspired by the great 'Rainbow Six Siege' where a counterterrorism team has to raid a house that's swarming with terrorists (and hostages at times). Each one of the teams, of course, is made up completely of human players.

The controls in Medal of King are typical for the genre, with the d-pad on the left side of the screen and the action buttons on the right. In the setup options, you can also customize the controls however you like.

The game development in Medal of King is similar to 'Rainbow Six Siege.' In the first few seconds, the counterterrorism team can inspect the house using drones, while the terrorists can place some traps. After this time, the counterterrorism team has to barge in the fortress to try to take out all the enemies.

Medal of King is an excellent alternative to 'Rainbow Six Siege' on Android that offers a similar game experience to the successful game from Ubisoft. The game also has outstanding graphics and a precise and completely customizable control system.
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