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Application Medfox - Pill & Meds Reminder

Get a free pill reminder and medication management app that also integrates into the official e-prescription system. Medfox also offers a map showing pharmacies near your location. As such, this allows patients to seamlessly manage their prescription drugs from the moment they receive their prescription to taking their medication on time and correctly. Medfox does this in an intuitive, easy-to-use and fun way, guiding patients to be more informed, better organized and in sync with their medication directions. ⭐️Key features • Pill reminder for a chosen time • Control the correct use of your medicine • Easily manage your ePrescriptions in one place • Add your medications by name or simply scan a barcode • Add your ePrescriptions by scanning a QR code or barcode • Track your confirmed and skipped dosage through a built-in calendar • Support for complex dosing schedules • Manage all your medications in one place • Map of available pharmacies near you ❤️ Made just for you According to recent studies, 50-60% * of all patients forget to take their medications, which makes their treatment less effective. Don't let this happen to you and give your meds to Medfox. Medfox is a digital application that will assist you daily with the treatment of both you and your loved ones. Medfox is designed to help you regulate the correct use of medicines and manage your ePrescriptions. In the application, you will find ePrescriptions, medicines and their dosages not only for yourself but also for your whole family, and all in one place. In the application, you can choose any prescription drug by simply scanning the barcode or QR code and then adjusting any dosage using the online calendar. The application creates detailed records so you can always check to ensure you have taken your medicine. In addition, you will find a clear map of all available pharmacies in your area. Take care of your health and download the app today! 🔒 Privacy Medfox is available free of charge. In the area of privacy, we work in accordance with strict legislation and don't allow third parties to access our users' personal data. We adhere to strict privacy laws. 📝 Reference / Feedback Your feedback is crucial to us because we are constantly trying to improve the Medfox app and customize to your needs. If you have recommendations, ideas, or feedback, please feel free to contact us either through the app or via email:
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