MikroTicket - sell your WiFi for time with tickets APK

MikroTicket - sell your WiFi for time with tickets


Vendre votre connexion Wi-Fi pour le temps avec des billets ou des bons avec le hotspot Mikrotik


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Application MikroTicket - sell your WiFi for time with tickets

Sell ​​your wifi or internet for time using cards, pins, tickets or vouchers in your store (hotels, cafes, restaurants, pharmacies, computer centers or cybercafe, etc) with the Mikrotik hotspot.

MikroTicket is a generator of tickets or vouchers with username and password or PIN with QR code for internet sale to their customers, after generating the tickets these can be printed directly on your ink or thermal printer.

• You can create tickets by time (one hour, one day, etc.) according to the time you want to sell or share your internet.
• The duration of the ticket can be time-lapse or it can be saved for later Internet consumption.
• You can limit the bandwidth or speed of the internet to your customers.
• Automatic ticket elimination. Once the ticket duration ends, it is automatically deleted.
• Easy configuration, the mikroticket assistant helps you in the configuration of your Mikrotik router or you can configure your router with the Winbox or Tik-App tool.
• You can share your PDF files by different means (email, whatsapp, etc).
• You can print directly to your normal printer or thermal ticket printer o miniprinter ESC/POS from your phone or tablet by connecting via LAN / WLAN, USB or Bluetooth

Any Mikrotik router model http://www.mikrotik.com
Mikroticket is compatible with the RouterOS version 6.0 and later.

Email: info@mikroticket.com
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