Ma première application Gutka contient des prières quotidiennes sikhes dans le kirtan pour les enfants sikhs.


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13 févr. 2021
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Application My First Gutka

Kids love to sing! For Sikh parents who are dedicated to instilling love for Gurbani to their children, this app provides a unique resource. Banis in kirtan roop are available for kids and families to listen to while getting ready, driving to and from school, or before going to bed. Kids will love to sing along and will quickly memorize the paath. You can listen one pauri at a time or listen to the whole thing continuously. Hope that many families will enjoy and connect with Gurbani through this app and build an unwavering love for Sikhi.

Features of this app include: Gurbani text, Kirtan tracks, Pauri-by-pauri recording of Gurbani
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