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Application My Foodvilla

Wide range of products, including fresh fruits and vegetables

What to expect from us?

* Wide range of products, including fresh fruits and vegetables: Choose from a vast collection of 20,000+ products across 1000+ national and international brands including Aashirvaad, Amul, Bisleri, Cadbury, Complan, Fresho, Haldiram, Himalaya, Horlicks, Kellogg’s, Lays, Lizol, Nandini, Nescafe, Nivea, Nutella, Patanjali, Saffola, Sunpure, Surf Excel, Vim, Zespri to name a few. And yes, we have a full range of fresh fruits and vegetables, procured directly from farmers!

* Enjoy low prices and great offers: Buy at low prices with great offers including discounts, bundle pack offerings, promotions.

* Fast and Secure Checkout: Pay by net-banking, credit and debit card options, and e-wallets.

* Assured quality: We source most of our fruits, vegetables, and private label staples (bb Royal, bb Popular) directly from farmers.

* On-time, every-time: We take pride in timely delivery and if you get any of the products after the stipulated time, you are entitled to a 10% refund.

* Last-minute shopping? Sweets from the neighborhood? : We have you covered with our 90-minute express delivery and specialty store offerings (only in select cities)

At My Foodvilla your shopping experience is our priority and we would love to know how we can improve our app as well as services. If you have any suggestions to improve our app, please mail us at info@myfoodvilla.com
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** If any quires about Development than feel free to contact
**Develop by Maxkinon (mDevs)
**Website: https://www.maxkinon.com
**Please mail us at dev@maxkinon.com
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