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Play Fortuna: Fishing history


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Version1.0 (1)
Mise à jour11 juin 2021
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Application Play Fortuna: Fishing history

This app is all about the history of catching Bluefin Tuna.

Play Fortuna is an informational as well as an educational app that is all about the catching history of Bluefin tuna. Play Fortuna will provide us the complete information about the record of fishing of Bluefin tuna and the persons who were the record holder. This app has complete historical data of fishing of Bluefin tuna between 1978 to 2011. Play Fortuna is the ledger of records that has the names of persons, sizes of fish, and the place where they catch the prey. E.g Prince Edward Island was the first person who caught 1170 pound Bluefin tuna in 1978. This app is heaven for anglers as they know the worth of fishing.
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