Ceci est un écran de verrouillage d'empreintes digitales sur le bouton Accueil, touchez id montrez à votre Prank


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7 avr. 2016
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Real Home Button Fingerprint - Touch id APP

With this home button fingerprint scan lock screen you can real fingerprint lock screen with just one click setup and touchid and touch id,

This is the best fingerprint lock , you can also diary with fingerprint lock. this app have so much lock screen themes as you can also fingerprint lock screen free with touch id for android, you can prank your friends and tell them that this app can fingerprint lock.

This is a touch id finger scanner lock to unlock ur phone that actually works a prank! you will have fun with family and your friends, just tell them that this is a fingerprint scanner lock to unlock your screen that are not pranks for samsung and they will believe you and laugh with them.

How It Works
1- Press on start button,
2- Place your finger on fingerprint scanner,
3- Wait 10S until the app complete the scan,
4- set your recovery password,
5- Enjoy.

1- Easy to setup,
2- flat design,
3- light app can run on almost all android devices,
4- battery friendly app,

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or at Instagram or contact us at dev-sup@smartyapps.com
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