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Dernière version

NomRetro Brick Game APK
Version1.31 (32)
Mise à jour27 oct. 2016
DéveloppeurMariias Games
Installations100 000+
CatégoriesJeux, Arcade

Jeu Retro Brick Game Simulator

console Retro portable de jeu vidéo (à partir des années 90 - début des années 2000) simulateur, 13 jeux

Play |||CENSORED|||, snake, racing, tanks and some other retro games. This app is carefully made simulator of famous Brick Game handheld retro gaming console. Brick Game had very simple design and operation but was very addicting and for many people it associates with their childhood, causing nostalgic feelings.

01 - classic |||CENSORED||| with 4-block pieces
02 - snake
03 - racing
04 - |||CENSORED||| with 5,4,3,2,1-block pieces
05 - |||CENSORED||| with random figure spawn instead of rotation
06 - digger
07 - bomber
08 - |||CENSORED||| with piece mirroring ability
09 - pong
10 - |||CENSORED||| with growing trash blocks at the bottom
11 - |||CENSORED||| with level sliding to the right after each drop
12 - tanks
13 - arkanoid

No permissions required.

- three layouts - portrait, big screen portait and landscape (switch using button in the screen corner)
- cool realistic skin
- full key range and same behavior as on real device (pause, mute, level/speed change etc)
- key press animation
- key sound feedback
- original "8-bit" sounds and music (can be muted via button)

Each game has 10 speeds and 10 levels (displayed as 0..9), also each game has scoring system and remembers its highest score. Most games increase speed and some games change level. You can also set speed and level before play with Left/Right buttons and reset to 0/0 by pressing On/off button again.

Lock delay can be skipped by releasing and pressing Down button again, soft drop — Down button, hard drop — press Down button twice fast, Up button rotates in the other direction. Note that game has wall/floor kick so you can do some twists like T-spin (it's not scored though). In classic |||CENSORED||| version pieces are drawn using a bag randomizer with cryptographically secure pseudo-random number generator, most other versions also use this technique with minor differences.

• In racing game you can use brakes (Down button) if speed is more than 0 (but it costs score points).
• In digger game you can shoot monsters in the direction of last movement with Rotate button (4 missiles per game).
• In helicopter bomber game (by the way it has nice day-night cycle) you can speed up helicopter with Right button.
• In snake game you can move in reverse direction by pressing opposite button.

Please rate, review and report bugs if any.
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