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4 mars 2020
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Retro Video Games Saga - Play Cool Video Games Emu GAME

Retro video game emulator for Android devices.
Support most popular platform, you can play cool video games on Android.
Supports more than 25000+ video games for the best compatibility.

* Hand-crafted optimized code to save battery life
* Physical controllers supported
* XPeria Play support
* Cheat feature support
* Customizable buttons (size and position)
* Speed up
* Save state supported

Enjoy Gamecube and Wii games, play N64 and PSX games.
Also You can play PSP and NDS game with this emulator.
Emulator build In:
- GBA Emulator (GameBoy Advance)
- GBC Emulator GameBoy Color)
- SNES Emulator (Super Nintendo)
- NES Emulator
- Sega Genesis Emulator

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