Senso no Ken : Thousands Layered Edge APK

Senso no Ken : Thousands Layered Edge


Suivez le parcours d'un jeune assassin présenté dans une belle 3D de style sumi-e


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3 nov. 2021

Jeu Senso no Ken : Thousands Layered Edge

Thousands Layered Sword is an action/fighting game presented in a beautiful sumi-e styled 3d.

Somewhere in the Far East Continent, a country always in turmoil where warlords, and their hired army of samurai, fighting each other for power over the lands. Until someday, an Imperial Force led by an Emperor rise with the plan to unite them all under one flag. But the leaders of the samurai, the 4 Kenseis -Sword Saints-, foresee that when that happens, the samurai will lose their way of the sword and their honor. Thus, they refuse to join the Imperials and lead a band of rebellion force to fight against the Imperials.

And here is where the journey of a young female assassin begins.

Game Features :
★ Unique ink-wash painting (sumi-e) styled 3d graphics
★ Attack, Parry and Dodge with a simple swipe and taps
★ Mini games for break between battles
★ Unlock unique skills and special moves
★ Different unlockable swords and equipment for each playthrough
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