🕷 Spider Superhero Fly Simulator APK

🕷 Spider Superhero Fly Simulator


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Dernière version

NomSpider Superhero Fly Simulator APK
Version2.0.2 (39)
Mise à jour16 sept. 2021
DéveloppeurZealand Team
Installations10 000 000+
CatégoriesJeux, Action

Jeu 🕷 Spider Superhero Fly Simulator

Un nouveau jeu sur le super-héros de l'araignée vous attend.

A new game about the spider superhero is waiting for you. This time here is not only a completely open world, but also an exciting storyline! These tasks will not let you fall asleep at night and instead of breakfast in the morning you will run to your smartphone to plunge into the world of this superhero masterpiece! Oh, my God, look at this! He flies on a rocket launcher like a real cowboy and creeps along the walls like a huge spider in your mom's bedroom! And if this guy in the suit gets to the ammunition, then the enemies should stay away from him!
But what is this? Do you also hear this strange sound? Ships of aliens from another dimension! They are already here and want to steal your heroic body for experiments. Shoot down their spaceships, using a rocket launcher, beat these synthetic reptiles! No one else will prevent you from doing good on the streets of the city!

In the game you are expected:
An open city with people, cars and CYBERNETIC CLONES!
Interesting story missions, for the passage of which you spend all your remaining school years.
The ability to fly on this hellish cannon! Spread the web directly in the face of your enemies!
Shoot from the rocket launcher! I promise, you'll like it!
And you know what? All this is absolutely free! Could you even dream about this?
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