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Dernière version

Version1.1 (2)
Mise à jour01 oct. 2015
DéveloppeurGameTop Studio
CatégoriesJeux, Sport

Jeu Street Football 2015

Vraiment nouveau jeu de football de rue de classe mondiale avec de nouvelles fonctionnalités totalement ajouté.

Here comes the realistic street football game with totally new features added. This is one of the most realistic, intense and addictive football games on Google Play. A splendid addition to sports games simulations. This street soccer game is a real football simulation game with stunning graphics and immersive soccer 3D sound effects. Especially for those who have a fantasy to play football like a professional football manager or real football heroes, and want to score goals against the best world champion teams. They can play league or cup as per their choice and need, without having any physical or technical skill on grounds or stadiums.

To have a real life experience of playing this ultimate game, you just pick your favorite premier team and the opponent, and enjoy playing tournaments with different teams throughout semi final and final, using following easy to use controls and buttons.

- Kick button to shoot the football
- Pass button for pass and tackle.
- Sprint button for speed, to make the player move fast.
- Joystick to control the movement of the player.
- Snatch button will snatch the ball to you in a second.

Game Features:

- Smoother and more realistic game controls than any other football or futsal game on your mobile.

- The realistic graphics and sound effects make the game come to life and it's like watching real soccer TV, live soccer.

- Options to select the Quick Play or Tournament Mode, with options to choose from the worlds top football teams of 2012, 2013 and 2014, including some of the following teams.

- France
- Brazil
- England
- United Kingdom
- Turkey
- Spain
- Italy
- German
- Uruguay
- Indonesia
- Argentina
- Portugal

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