Super Subway Surf 3D 2018


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3 août 2018

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Super Subway Surf 3D 2018 GAME

Most good games are the games subway surf, super subway rush game is a game runner from the pursuit of security is very challenging. Run away to avoid pursuit.

Subway surf provides a very enjoyable game and also very challenging, while you subway run will be many obstacles that make there be caught by the security guard rail. Therefore, you should be more careful.

In this subway game, a lot of items in the surfing games who desperately need, not only that, you are required to collect as many gold coins as possible, the usefulness of these gold coins can be to purchase a variety of items and also buy in-game characters new subway game in 2018.

Before discussing the items and characters in the subway run, I will discuss the advantages of the new game's new subway surf of runner.
- HD Graphics
- 3D Game
- Having many items and in-game characters
- Games are fun
- Gae challenging
- And others

Those are some of the advantages of this latest subway rush. Then the next I will discuss in-game items.
- Rocket, handy for you to fly and collect as many gold coins without a hitch.
- Shoes jump, useful to run faster and jump over many trains that block you.
- Adhesives Coins, useful to collect as many coins quickly.
- Skateboard, surfing games belt of railroad tracks safely and quickly.
- Gold Star, useful to double gold coins that you get from the rush surfers
- The key, useful to buy in-game items surfing games

That item in the game very much, this game does have a lot of challenges but also very comforting.

Hopefully, this 2018 subway surf new games can make you entertained every day. Have a nice play.
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