Tower Ranger- Break the record APK

Tower Ranger- Break the record


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Dernière version

NomTower Ranger! APK
Version1.0.0 (2)
Mise à jour12 févr. 2020
DéveloppeurAimCrafters Software Pvt Ltd.
CatégoriesApps, Outils

Application Tower Ranger- Break the record

Battez les meilleurs scores donnés sur la capture d'écran et nous mettrons votre nom dans le Play Store

Game of concentration. Make the largest tower by your concentration power.

Place the tiles on the tower by tapping the screen on the CORRECT time.
Make the highest tower beat the high scores.
A simple but addictive game.

Provide your screenshot with high scores and we will put that screenshot on our play store listing with your name and Instagram profile. ;)

Send your screenshot with more score than the screenshots on our play store. Email: info@aimcrafters.
Send your Name, Instagram username and Screenshot with high scores and stack.

Play instructions:

Try to place the tile exactly on the tower. Focus and tap on the screen on correct time.
Remember that the tile will shorten from the area which you missed on the top of tower.
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