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VBOnTheWeb, available of the Play store for Android users and on the App Store for iOS users, is an OTT platform by which Vikram Bhatt continues his foray into the digital world. The App is a Theatre on the Web. A year after the launch of his YouTube channel, VBOnTheWeb, Vikram takes it a step further and brings his well-received web shows to his viewers on an app where you can binge these shows for free.

You can now download VBOnTheWeb App for free. The App will also showcase both Free and Premium Content. The good thing is that you only have to pay for what you watch. You just buy a ticket for the Premium show you want to watch and binge away!

Vikram Bhatt’s VBOnTheWeb is as out of the box as his stories. Download it and get a taste of what the future multiplex theatre is going to look like! The theatre is on your phone!

The Shows:
Maaya (Free)
When Sonia has a nervous breakdown and forgets the last 6 months of her life, her husband, Abhishek, is forced to dig into her life to find out what had caused the trauma. Abhishek soon finds out that Sonia had a secret life of intense sexuality and twisted fantasies that he didn't know about, a life that betrayed him and yet he was the only one who could save her.

Twisted - Season 1 (Premium):
Ranbir and Alia are the Prime suspects in his wife Naina Raichand’s murder. As the investigation unfolds, Alia and Ranbir’s torrid affair comes into the open. And with that comes out motive for murder. Ranbir insists that Alia was obsessed with him. Alia insists that Ranbir couldn’t get over his fixation with her. Who is lying and who is the murderer? Relationships are uncovered, secrets and lies are brought to light. A story of love, lie and betrayal.

Rain (Free):
A girl is caught in her house with 4 people from her past when the rains cause a deluge in Mumbai. One of them wants to kill her but she doesn’t know who. All she is armed with is her gut and instant to survive the night.

Hadh (Free):
Amit Amritraaj, the owner of Amritraaj Constructions, has two years left to live. An empire of millions needs its next CEO. Amritraaj decides to play a game for the throne between his son, Arjun; his illegitimate son, Karan and Veer, his employee who has been like a son to him. Vikram Bhatt brings to yet another scintillating thriller, the fight for an empire of millions and the race to win it.

Tantra (Premium):
Tantra a unique battle of a family feud and corporate politics played on the battleground of black magic. A game that is already this dirty is sullied further when everything is put on the board, murder, death, betrayal, deceit and above all trust.

Untouchables (Premium)
Natasha Narang, is a surgical intern at a reputed hospital and a high end escort
by night. One day, she wakes up to find Jayant Kalyan, Mumbai’s pharmaceutical baron, lying dead next to her. She runs from there but is arrested and framed for his murder. Akash Arya, who was once a famous defence lawyer but now a depressive recluse takes up Natasha’s case. The two Untouchables come together in this thriller, courtroom drama to save her from a death sentence.

Maaya 2 (Premium):
Maaya 2 is the love story of two girls, Ruhi and Simmi, who dared to fall in love in a world where it is not considered normal to do so. Is their love powerful enough to fight Puneet, a man who is hell bent on breaking them, and the mindset of an entire society?.
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