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NomVenom Mod APK
Version2.0 (2)
Mise à jour31 oct. 2021
DéveloppeurAntanas Andrijauskas
CatégoriesApps, Personnalisation

Application Venom Mod for Minecraft

Votre méchant préféré de la saga Spider man est déjà dans le monde cubique !

Venom Mod for Minecraft is a unique opportunity to add your favorite comic book character to your cube world! This promises you new adventures. Now the world of your favorite pixel game and the world of the avengers is mixed up to give you an unforgettable experience! Venom is dangerous and strong, and his skills are valuable and it's cool to have his tools! For all fans of Spider man and his opponents - the saga of your favorite superhero and antagonist is already in your game!

Download new skins and become, for example, Superman or Capitan America! This is a wonderful experience of fighting new opponents, not only skeletons and zombies, but also a scary mutant or frightening boss! Expand the functionality of the game the way you've always wanted! Venom is a Symbiote that communicates with other creatures for survival. By downloading the add-on from our developers, you get access to new powers and skills. Become an even more advanced player and travel across different maps in a new way!

Features of the add-on:

- Multilingual support
- Regular updates
- Colorful texture pack
- Available for any version of the game

After connecting with him, you get new characteristics for strength, health, speed, regeneration and many others. In addition, it makes the player more bulletproof than any armor, resistant to poison, radiation and hunger. However, it is sensitive to sonic explosions. Be careful! Play fearlessly but carefully. You can watch other life hacks in the videos of famous streamers on YouTube!

A realistic mod to diversify your classic gameplay and give new extreme emotions. Join the Symbiote of a supervillain! Enjoy a completely new and unique online VR adventure!

Venom Mod for Minecraft DISCLAIMER: NOT AN OFFICIAL MINECRAFT PRODUCT. NOT APPROVED BY OR ASSOCIATED WITH MOJANG. All files provided for download in this application are under the terms of a free distribution license. We do not claim copyright or intellectual property in any way. All rights reserved. This app uses assets and brands correctly in accordance with the guidelines described at

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