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Calculator 991 ex 570ex is the best classroom calculator.

This would be the best calculator 991 ex 570ex of choice for any student. The favorite calculator for student. Complete calculator for high school and university student.

See answers in textbook style with fractions, square root, wtr, gtr taschenrechner. The Random Integer function. Factorising large numbers into powers of prime factors with FACT command.

Solve equations and systems of equations or inequalities. The calculator will solve algebraically any polynomial equation up to 4th degree (quartics). It can find a root for any general equation.
Similarly systems of simultaneous equations. By using the Inequality function on a quadratic, cubic or quartic polynomial.
Full symbolic calculator

Matrices with the calculator 991 ex 570ex finding determinants, sums, products and even inverses.

Statistical - Binomial, Poisson and Normal distributions. Note to CASIO - add in Chi-Squared values
- Regression calculation.
- Population Standard Deviation, Sample Standard Deviation
- Multifunction calculator: algebra, complex, calculus, matrix, vector, ...

Advanced caculator functions
- Vectors - including Scalar and Cross Product
- Calculus - numerical differentiation and integration
- Complex Numbers and Cartesian form
- trig functions калькулятор sin cos
- Programmable calculator: supports Mathmatica language
- Graphing calculator: Cartesian, polar, parametric, implicit function.
- Unit converter: currency converter, length converter, volume converter, ...
- Math formulas and physic formulas
- Fraction calculator includes fraction, mixed fraction and convert fraction to decimal, easy solve fractions problems
- Complex calculator calculates with complex number, sin cos tan calculate with complex number
- Beautifully scientific calculator: various themes and fonts
- Calculator digits: supported calculate with infinity number of digits.
- Simulate for ti 89 ti-89 ti 84 ti 84+ ti84: supported draw graph, fraction calculating, programming
- Simulate for texas, ti84+ calculator

Natural display, powerful functions in a calculator 991 ex 570ex make this the most highly recommended product for school. Design beautifully scientific, so you can use calculator one hand

The calculator include two modes full scientific calculator and simple scientific calc

научный калькулятор
инженерный калькулятор
калькулятор корень
grafix taschenrechner

What's New

Quick tile on status bar
Graph simultaneous plotting
Graph independent zoom
Statistical functions and documentation
Distribution calculation
Bug fixes and stability improvement

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