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AppsFree Birthday Zone APK
DeveloperFellowship Sales LLC
Version1.0.0 (4)
UpdatedJan 27, 2020 (2 months ago)
Release dateApr 09, 2019 (12 months ago)

FBZ is a mobile app that celebrates birthdays by gifts provided by businesses.


Once working at a web design firm, I used to write birthday poems for co-workers. It started by me writing a birthday poem to cheer up a co-worker who had a recent break up. Then, nearly 30 poems were written afterwards. At one point, the business owner approached me and said that one of my poems really helped someone who was severely depressed. Fast forward to my wedding day, I was married to my lovely wife on my birthday. She had the wedding cake brought out and had candles placed on them and had the Emcee lead everyone in singing the birthday song. It goes without saying that birthdays are very special to me.

Everyone has a birthday and I believe everyone is worth celebrating. In some way birthdays make us all equal and encourages us to celebrate people, life, and newness, all the things that I love. Birthdays are very special because people are very special. Everyone is also unique. This Free Birthday Zone website and mobile app are designed to celebrate people with free gifts provided by businesses. Businesses would have the opportunity to offer up a free item to encourage the celebration. There will be many benefits to the businesses who participate as they increase in sales through FBZ marketing and advertisement. Most likely birthday parties will be formed and groups will go out and use the website and mobile app to redeem their free items and make additional purchases.


This objective will be carried out by using both a website and mobile app. A well thought out marketing campaign will be applied to share the website and mobile app with business owners and the public. Business owners will be signed up to the birthday program through the website and both platforms will be shared with the public to gain users. There will be a beautiful symbiotic relationship of business owners serving the public and the public supporting business owners.


I believe there is a strong need to celebrate the individual for who they are. Not on what they have done or not done and not based on what they have or don’t have. Our worth is in our being.

One Life

It comes down to this my friends,

One life, it never ends.

We’re born, we die, but we never really do.

We live forever, so we celebrate you.

Each soul, so important.

Unique to this world, so important.

I’m not better than you, you’re not better than me.

We were born created to live, to live eternally.

One life be a light on earth.

Happy birthday friend, you’ve limitless worth.

Free Birthday Zone APK