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"In Free Christian Praises, Christian music is a living experience to worship God"

Praising and Worshiping God is something wonderful and sublime, it is also an experience full of life. It is something very real and palpable like all the matter, that we can all experience and that is not forbidden to anyone.

Praise to God is, mainly, an act of gratitude for all that God does for his children, but even more, because he is worthy of it. To praise God implies an act of recognition of his greatness and for being omnipotent, as well as of the exalted, unique, admirable and grandiose that he is.

As we praise him, we proclaim his mighty acts manifested in our lives, his wonders, his greatness, his power and his glory. We praise, exalt, honor, glorify and exalt you with admiration and gratitude; we remember past victories and declare future triumphs.

When we praise him, we also declare what his Word says about himself: the great, Almighty, omnipotent, merciful, sovereign, highest, benevolent and gracious that he is.

"Praise to God is taking us or opening the way to a deeper point of encounter with him, which is the adoration of the Lord."

Find here the most beautiful praises to sing to the Lord, as a means of gratitude and Adoration ... Find God chanting these beautiful chants, alone or in Christian groups, the most beautiful and beautiful to meet the Lord.
"I can do everything in Christ that strengthens me"

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