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Version1.0 (1)
UpdatedFeb 08, 2020
DeveloperTyby Jocuri & Aplicații
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Sign up to start receiving 100 swift coins per day with Swiftdemand

Do you like cryptocurrency faucet apps? Do you want a powerful app that can let you Collect daily coins and use them to buy free products? Let's download Swiftdemand for free, and sign up to start receiving 100 swift coins per day.

Swiftdemand is an attempt at basic income. Each user who is signed up for the service receives 100 swifts each day. No additional swifts can be created with time or resources. No cryptocurrency miner can gain any other 'advantage' when it comes to acquiring swifts. Additional swifts can temporarily be generated through referrals at the rate of 500 Swifts per referral. After 5,000,000 users have been reached these bonuses will disappear and income generation will be the sole source of new swifts.

Swiftdemand is currently a digital currency and will soon become a full cryptocurrency. All Swifts coins will be transferred at a 1:1 ratio onto the new Swift blockchain. Swifts have no direct connection to any form of currency and are not backed by anything, so you can’t exchange or buy and sell the swifts. Its only worth what other people are willing to pay for them. There is no guarantee about the strength of Swifts in relation to any other currency.
Our goal is building the technology required to make the Swift Protocol possible. Once the technology has been completed, we will begin the process of talking with various exchanges. We unfortunately cannot make any promises as to exactly when this will be finalized.

Why you have to download and install Swiftdemand on your android Smartphone or tablet instead of other cryptocurrency or bitcoin apps?
Swiftdemand is very easy to send credits. The cryptocurrency calculator and converter is available, so you need just to type the swift ID and the amount of swifts and the transaction will be complete.
Swiftdemand has very low fees, each transaction has a 3% fee as well as a 2-swift fee. The fee is used to support the development of Swift Demand, pay for the costs associated with hosting and supporting the service, and allow us to provide protection for users or businesses that were deceived during a transaction.
Swiftdemand provides Vendor accounts feature, it’s a business accounts which allow transactions to be more easily managed from a business point of view. Each vendor account must be associated with exactly one normal owner account.
• How to use? •
Sign up to start receiving 100 free credits per day.
Send swifts by going to your account page and typing in the Swift ID of the person or business you wish to send swifts to as well as the amount of swifts you wish to send. Simple click 'Send' and the transaction will be complete.
You don’t need to interact with your Swift ID to claim Swifts.
• Features •
- Everyone is equal: All users will be given Swifts at the same pace
- Simple Transactions: Simply type in a Swift ID to send Swifts!
- Small Transaction Fee: Transactions have a 2 Swift + 3% fee!
- One Account: Accounts are restricted to one per person
- Daily Income: Everyone receives 100 Swifts per day!
- Temporary Bonuses: Bonuses are temporary and will be phased out

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