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Free Donuts guide: Springfield Tips and Tricks APK

Guide to rebuild springfield again and get free donuts to pass levels

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The game The Simpsons Tapped Out starts with a big explosion that takes place in the power station that Homer works. The main mission is to rebuild Springfield and all the variety of buildings in the city. For this, you will need money and the premium currency that are donuts.

It is a great opportunity to give your personal touch and build a customized Springfield for you.

Regarding buildings, you can create rivers, streets, pavements and even decorations. In addition to the main buildings of the city of Springfield.


One of the key points of this game is the reconstruction of the city. Since as you earn money and donuts, you will go buying buildings and much more. Each building will generate a quantity of money and XS coins that will help you to pass the level.

Each building will have its special characteristics. For example, you can build the house of Ned Flanders, the badulaque of Apu, the house of the Simpsons where you will find Maggie, Lisa, Bart, Marge and evidently Homer. But not only that, but you will find many other buildings related to the main characters of the series of telefisión.


The premium currency par excellence of Tapped Out are the donuts. It is difficult to get them unless you are buying some individual units or packs. But there are ways in which you can get free donuts and in our guide we reveal them to you.

Getting free donuts may seem easy, that's why it's important that you value this type of Springfield's main currency. Since it is very valuable.

Remember that you can only obenter them in special conditions or buying them. You can use the donuts or donuts that you have got in buying different premium items that a normal player can not.


As you go getting free donuts or through buying them. You must go enlarging the city to get XS and go surpassing the levels. As you increase in level, more premium features will be unlocked.

But remember, The Simpsons Tupped Out stands out for offering reduced free donuts. So take advantage of each one of them.

Create the new EverGreen Terrace of your dreams and without limits. You will get a city like Springfield to look as you wish. Give your regards to Krusty the clown, the secondary actor Bob, Director Skinner and everyone on our side.



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