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Feb 15, 2018

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Free Kick Club World Cup 17 GAME

FREE KICK CLUB WORLD CUP 17 is a simple and realistic football game with fascinating game mechanics, human animations and realistic ball physics.

In our game, every club is a clan! You need to choose your favorite club, win in the matches, and all scored points will be credited to the overall online rating of your team.
The more points your team gets, the more chances it will lead the rating of the soccer football world championship.

The game also has an online rating among players around the world, among players in your country, as well as rating among your friends.

Every 2 weeks the game starts a new season, watch for updates and news, share with friends and be the best among the best.

Playing this simple and exciting football top game, you easily immerse yourself in the world of football champions. Feel the tension of the stadium, feel the exciting atmosphere of the football match.

All your idols in the world of football dream of winning the World Championship - and you too can do it. Feel the same emotions experienced by professional football players. You are able to prove that you`re the best and let the whole world know about your successes.

Score goals, beautiful penalties, reflect all the opponent's curved shots. Rise to the top of the tournament tables and prove that your team has no equal!

FREE KICK CLUB WORLD CUP 17 - the best football game for lovers of beautiful penalties and curved free kicks.
By installing our game, it will be easy for you to impress your friends with victories and achievements, and frequent updates will not let you get bored.

Features of FREE KICK CLUB WORLD CUP 17 are:

- professional football players participated in the creation of our animations
- elaborated impact physics will charm player from the first swipes
- colourful uniforms of your favorite clubs on a realistic 3D model of the player
- unpredictable curved shots of the enemy (be attentive!)
-intuitive controls is easy to master after the first match.
- Real time online ratings (everyone will see the progress of your team and thanks to whom it is in the top)
- game statistics
- colorful cups in each new season
- Hall of Fame
(By writing your name in the World Hall of Fame, everyone will be able to admire your cup for a long time and see the statistics of your achievements)

Additional features FREE KICK CLUB WORLD CUP 17:

-frequent updates (analysis of reviews allows you to make exactly what our users want and constantly improve the game)
-an abundance of teams - (42 of the strongest representatives of football)
-the increasing complexity of the opponent's game

Make sure that you play the best football game for fans of penalties and free-kicks completely FREE! Install and play!
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