Play the most addictive meteor ball action in free 2D arcade offline games.

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Free download Free Meteor: 2D Arcade & Offline games in Space 1.88 apk game latest version for android


Get ready for 2D skyroads ball and space adventure offline games with the Space Ball!
Do you like playing starbomb and skyroads ball games? Or are you looking for games that include: balls rotate games or wrecking ball?
Then you are right place for play; offline 2D arcade and skyroads ball game: Meteor - Space Ball.

How to play:
- Change direction by tapping left or right of the screen.
- Touch the right and left of the screen at the same time and zoom out the map.
- Touch the meteor if you need the menu.
It's that simple. Or not.
Get ready to test your arcade skills!

Are you ready to ball rotate by taking control of skyroads?
Easy-to-learn, hard to master and unique addictive gameplay. Enter the arcade zone, play like a meteor and do dodge pass moves with space adventure of Space Ball. Be the master of skyroads.
Differences from the classic “ Starbomb & ball games”: Each Galaxy comes with a new theme, a new trap and a new color match. Each star is a different arcade zone. Training planets gives new dodge pass capabilities like ball blaster tactics. The toon space landscape in the background is variable and does not tire the eyes.

Watch out for dangerous traps. Ball rotate from them using realistic physics rules.
You can dodge pass the fixed traps as if you were in the or star bomb games. When you're against the wrecking ball, you must dodge pass that like a sky ball game player. If you see an enemy wrecking ball, you should think like a player. Pulsar is like a wrecking ball, if you are caught in, there’s gravity fall and you will explode. Shortly, dodge pass enemies like offline wrecking ball games.

You are playing a skyroads ball game like 2d arcade games free.
Some tactics: When you travel like meteorfall, you become like an high speed space ball. You can’t act like an space balls game player. Because, high speed dodge pass movements are difficult. In this games you will feel like a star bomb. You can slow down by hitting the harmless obstacles. Collect all star dust and become a wrecking ball. So you can open the portal to get rid of this arcade zone. Sometimes (if you now “Space balls”)you feel like you're in funny Space balls scene. New power: Space ball blaster will be added to our game very soon.

Looking for (offline) starbomb 2d games with realistic physics rules?
Use the game engine based on realistic physics rules in your favor: Rotate the universe to escape all wrecking ball and make the timing right. This is what makes Space Ball game the best in 2D arcade games. But remember, if you enter a orbit; there's gravity fall and you can't move like a star bomb. In this space ball adventure, there are much more than sky ball games and wrecking ball games.

Become a free starbomb, discover the galaxies and conquer the stars. Dodge pass your space ball to evolve as a star!
What are you waiting for to rotate skyroads? Download our free and offline space ball game now!

What's New

🌠 Lets play 2D Arcade Space Ball!
Vibration added.👏
Now you can zoom out! 🤩
Bugs fixed. 👌
Graphics were improved much more. 🎆
The Space and Stars were funnier.
Great skyroads effects added. ✨
Performance improved. 👍

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Free Meteor: 2D Arcade & Offline games in Space 1.88

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