Easy to play and enjoyable game for all ages.


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Apr 7, 2018

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Free Puzzle GAME

Free Puzzle is a very interesting puzzle game with a nice graphical user interface. Free Puzzle Game will take you back to childhood.
Free Puzzle is the incredibly valuable puzzle game packed with over 20 amazing levels of increasing difficulty that will keep you busy for hours. Ultimate Free Puzzle is incredibly intuitive and fun for all ages and skill levels.

Challenge your friends to win your leaderboard leaderboard at Google. You will be rewarded once you have completed a number of points at Free Puzzle Game.

The free Puzzle Free game has a dedicated button for all kinds of changes.
Free Puzzle Game is an easy game to play and enjoyable game for all ages

How to play ?

Bricks built perfectly on board. Collect horizontal lines as you can. It will increase the game speed while you score high.

Action Buttons Buttons for Free Puzzle:

- Left arrow action moving object is on the left side.
- the right arrow action moves the object to the right side.
- Down arrow is object move a little faster down.
- Arrow down with a bottom line, move the action button to the object down to move super fast.
- Pause button interrupts the game action.
- the left arrow action turn the object turns counterclockwise.
- On the right, turning the action arrow turns clockwise on the object.

 Features game Free Puzzle:
-The biggest puzzle on the theme of wood - soothing sounds and beautiful visual effects
- fluid and delicate animation
-The most beautiful design and the color of the wood
-Funny sound effects
Support dashboard
-Hours of fun, exciting game
- Simple rules and easy control
-Various blocks and colorful graphics - Enjoy the game anytime, anywhere and as much as you want.
-You can rotate the block to fill it more easily - You can play this puzzle game anytime, anywhere, nice no wifi.

  It's a nice time to play the jewel, challenge the high score with your friends, be the best puzzle player!
You can play Free Puzzle too good and free and new for FREE!
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