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Latest Version

NameFreer Pro APK
Version9.8 (2)
UpdatedAug 04, 2019
CategoryApps, Tools

Freer Pro - Real Auto Support App

Can easily get more Support in Social Media accounts in less time.

This Application is our Pro Version of "Freer Tool app". This includes a number of features that are different from the first Freer app.
This App is created based on the prior Freer app feedbacks and reviews.

Freer Pro app is very fast and easy to use, This app provides a good platform for users to Social Media.

How to use Freer PRO app - When opening the application, will find an Interface; Then the features that the app contains will be available. Users can choose the feature they want from there. when clicking the button, the app displays the selected content.
The functions of each page are available in the app. This is helpful for users when using the application.

Access - The app needs an internet that runs online.
Ads are available on the app,

Privacy - The app does not collect any information from users. freer Application privacy policies are available in the App, Users can read and understand it through the app.

Copyright - The Freer app is from us, this app does not have a similar app available on play store. Another app with the same names as this app is from this account, but this analogy is in name only. It is a Pro application with more features than the previous application.

Developer Support - we are constantly monitoring application performance, we understand the difficulties that users may have when using the app, and we can fix it.

-our team care about making any of our apps even better. because
Our goal is to be mobile-friendly apps.-

our success is users satisfaction.
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