French Dialogues is made to help you improve your level of French.


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Mar 25, 2017

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Dialogue is an exchange of words, an interview between two or more people called interlocutors (in Greek, dia and logos mean "between" and "speech" respectively). Dialogue is thus the set of words exchanged by the characters, it is the way in which the author makes the character speak directly.

"Dialogues en Français" is designed to help you improve your level of French (communication, grammar, conjugation ...), and discover new words in French.

You can learn the French language quickly and efficiently with real dialogues and conversations every day, you will automatically receive dialogues every day.

You can easily find conversations and how to handle general situations in everyday life using the French language.

It is also very important to know how to communicate to make friendships with foreigners and to have a career in the world of work ...

Communication is essential for human beings. Everyone needs to communicate to feel live, love, laugh, etc ...

♥ More than 100 conversations in French.
♥ Share and Send by all social networks (WhatsApp, Facebook, SMS ...)
♥ Dialogue of the day at the preset time.

Several categories are available:

- In class
- Professional situations
- With the host family
- Food
- First contacts
- Services, coffee, ...
- Job interview
- To give his opinion
- To receive guests
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