Ayefele Fresh FM is an internet-based radio station dedicated to Nigerians

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UpdatedJul 03, 2020 (7 months ago)
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Ayefele Fresh FM is an internet-based radio station dedicated to Nigerians at home and the Diaspora community. Our service is of an informative and entertaining value, creating awareness of various social issues and attempting to gain recognition in order to promote the African cultural heritage.

As a community broadcaster, Ayefele Fresh FM strives toward the provision of an independent, quality radio station where diversity in service and our approach to the creative upliftment of the Society are interconnected with our dynamic and enthusiastic attitude.

Ayefele Fresh FM is committed to providing a professional alternative radio service for the international community by incorporating the visions and outlooks of people of various cultural backgrounds and persuasions.

We are all over the world-online.
Ayefele Fresh FM is on the internet wherever you are in the world via online streaming and our listeners wherever they are can interact using our social media (Facebook, Twitter, Blog, YouTube, Skype etc.) thereby making the world truly a ‘‘global village’’. This has brought together our listeners and promoted the sharing of ideas with our people abroad.

I thank all our listeners, advertisers, presenters and management staff for making this dream of my longtime love for music come true. Always keep it Ayefele Fresh FM giving you the best beats everytime everywhere be it at breakfast, at office, at lunch, at teatime, in traffic jam, at dinner or just relaxing.

Thank you for listening and God Bless!

What's New

-Security fixes and minor improvements
-Audio streaming is more stable when switching tabs

Email: info@looksomething.com

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