Friday Funny Mod FNF Vs Flippy


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Oct 17, 2021

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Friday Funny Mod Flippy FNF GAME

Are you ready to join a Friday Funkin FNF with Flippy vs FNF - new outgoing Tree friends? Despite his friendly appearance, the Flippy becomes enraged when he hears certain sounds or receives any stressors.

Really easy to play Flippy Mod. You just need to tap the arrow when they perfectly match to get the highest score as much as you can to become the best of this horror Friday Funkin FNF Flippy Mod. Feel Funkin rhythms!

This game is a free game for FNF mobile version. It has full weeks with 5 songs and you will have a good chance to meet over 6 friends like Matt, Tord, Sunday, Gacerllo, Miku, Bob, Sky, Flaky,... You also can beat many enemies like Tricky, Whitty, Tankman, AGOTI,...

Unlocking all FNF songs, To Play offline anywhere.
Enjoy this Friday Funkin FNF vs Flippy!
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