Frog Run - a game about a frog loving gold!!!


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Aug 21, 2021
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Frog Run Game

You probably think that humans are the only earthly beings who crave wealth. You couldn’t be more wrong. Frogs are also hungry for money. Play as one of them and get the treasure!

The path to becoming the richest frog in the world will not be easy. On your way you will encounter many dangers such as spikes, poisonous fumes and wild animals. Also, be careful when you cross the road or railroad tracks. Speeding vehicle can easily turn you into a wet stain.

Unfortunately, not all frogs can swim, and you are unlucky enough to be one of them - avoid the water with all your might!

Frog Run is an arcade game with simple mechanics, thanks to which you will spend time with it pleasantly. You only move forward, avoiding the obstacles on your route. Sometimes You have to feel the right moment, so just don't run blindly, but "hurry slowly"!
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