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In Japan, the art of fruit and vegetable carving is called Mukimono, which became popular in the Edo period, in the sixteenth century, when Mukimono received official recognition.

Those who believe the fruit and vegetable carving of Thai origins say it started at the Loi Kratong festival in the 14th century. Many elaborate decorations are used during the Loi Kratong festival.

However, it was only in the mid-20th century, the fruit and vegetable watermelon carvings started to grow outside of Thailand. Today, this art form is popular all over the world.

Fruit and vegetable carving is an art form, used primarily for decoration and sometimes to show artistic expression.
The origins of this art form are disputed (Thailand, China and Japan are advised). Those who believe that this art form originated in China say it began during the Tang Dynasty (618-906 AD) and the Sung Dynasty (960-1279 AD) in China.

Where we can see the popularity of thai fruit and vegetable carvings as much as in Thailand. In Thailand this art form is taught in schools, and elderly 11 year olds are professionally trained.

Birds, flowers, trees and people who crave fruits and vegetables, but you never know the limits of the artists' imagination. This art is mostly used for decoration, but also sometimes to show the artistic impression.

Nowadays not infrequently at weddings or festivals we meet with works of art derived from various fruits or vegetables, fruit and vegetable ornaments, fruit carving courses online, design with fruits, carving pictures, fruit and vegetable artists, art ornaments, Fruit ornament. , Fruit ornaments, carved art, fruit ornaments, food decorations, carving art, fruit ornaments, fruit designs, fruit monster, vegetable carvings, carved mango carvings and arranged in such a way that looks very beautiful.

Yes it is a fruit carving and vegetable carvings are rampant today. Not only fruits and vegetables, but any herb can also be an object that must be carved. The fruit that is often used for fruit carving is fruit bread, fruit carving, fruit chef, fruit art, fruit statue, vegetable ornament, fruit carving for Beginner, fruit flower carving, fruit decoration, fruit art picture, fruit making, fruit carving, Fruits with fruit, fruit design, fruit ornaments, watery fruit, fruit-carving knives, fruit-carving designs, fruit designing, fruit carving and vegetables, carving carvings, melon carvings Tools, vegetable carvings, decorative pineapple carvings, Amazing fruits, fruit and vegetables, fruit based on design, watermelon, melon and pumpkin. Why? Because the fruit is not too hard texture so easy to make fruit carving.

Actually the fruit and vegetables that already have its own beauty. But when carved or processed in different ways, vegetable art, fruit blitz, fruit marble, fresh fruit drawing, vegetable carving, fruit twists, fruit carvers, vegetable sculptures, fruit and vegetable carvings for beginners, Fruit plate with carving course, Fruit carving lessons, decorative vegetables, simple vegetable carvings for children, vegetable carvings and fruits, fruit frames, fruit stones, then the colors will look more beautiful.
Here are some photos of fruit carving and vegetable carving. Hope you like the idea of ​​this fruit and vegetable carving art. Please share it with your friends

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